Tuesday, November 6, 2012

It's All Talk

Nobody wants to grow up.
Tom Leykis was blowing long and hard yesterday about a ballot initiative in California designed to fund "Early Education" programs (early vegetation would be a more apropos description for those who are familiar with the pubic screwools) and while nearly all his points against the proposal are valid, he still plans to vote for Comrades 0bama & Feinstein - You can listen for yourself clear up until the new show @ 6PM today & hear what I mean.
Americans don't want freedom, they want freebees.
Liberty requires too much responsibility and diligence for the unregenerate to maintain, which is why eventually - even if the government were not infested with spiritualistic socialists & socialistic spiritualists - we come to the point of two or more old-money filthy-rich bidding for top dog.
We can blame Barack Obama all we want, but ultimately have to come to terms with the fact he didn't elect himself. And what of the gun-grabbing liberal from TAXachusetts who authored most of KHAZAKHtax0bamacare but still insists he's dedicated to repealing it? Once again we hear the lofty siren-song of a political messiah to the blissfully ignorant, when the only thing conservative about Mitt Romney are the first three letters of that word and hypocrisy is apparently no sin in Mormonism.
0bama denies voting rights to the military while Johnny-Reb fucks with ballots in Florida and the Roman Catholic cult keeps up its self-righteous, anti-choice jingoism. You should realize there are no countries with socialized medicine that do not infringe the right of the people to keep and bear arms.
The only thing more amazing to Galt-in-Da-Box than all these things is the love for freedom which nearly all profess and the utter disdain and disregard for it which we practice!

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