Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Non-Sequitis Republicanus

A phenomenon that takes place when the most "conservative" element of our political structure is topheavy with bead-fingering, idol-worshipping, mackeral-snapping, child-molesting Papist sodomite hypocrites who are good for nothing but fellating Israel and blaming the fruit of their whoredoms and perversion on women and abortion...
Thanks GeOPapists, you're dismissed...quite possibly for good. Ron Paul Republicans (Americans) warned you how FUCKED you would get for wiping your ass on US at the convention. Some didn't vote. Some, like me, wrote him in. Many "pulled a Tom Leykis" and voted Democratic, simply because an empty chair beats an empty suit that doesn't fit.
Contra the bullshit you're being fed this morning by Karl Rove & other Papist communists in "right"-wing sheep's clothing, Barack Obama didn't elect himself; he didn't wiggle his nose, wave a magic wand and pull 270 Electoral votes out of his ass. He won because there was no serious competition. The guy who appears to have the most integrity always will, even if it's a contest of Very Little against NONE AT ALL, as this was. Couple this with the reality of an America where minimalism is fast-becoming the new norm: Deep inside we all know the salad days are over and not likely to be back anytime soon.
The handwriting was on the wall for Republicans from the convention, and their shameful handling of Ron Paul. Two Papist senatorial challengers rewrote it bold with their perpetual carping of anti-choice jingoism & blasphemy and hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. They're not called the Stupid Party for nothing. You had end-to-end campaigns rife with vitriol, wanting in substance and strewn with corn-fed ignorance. When "Waffles" Romney could be persuaded to stop lying long enough to query, his economic plan boiled down to the same "Trust Me" government Republicans have been bashing the last four years: "Ya juss gotta taykit (up the wazoo) bah FAITH, brother!" Too many of US have unfond memories associated with that dreck, involving Elmer Gantry or Reverend Pederast - Sorry Mitt, gonna hafta pass...
Until you can come up with someone genuinely conservative, you will keep losing!

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texlahoma said...

They shouldn't have screwed Ron Paul out of the nomination, he would have won by a landslide.