Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sez It All


texlahoma said...

No doubt!

Bob said...

Quite true.

But here's the problem:

This last election is most likely the last one Paul's supporters could have made a difference. From now on they will be nothing more than a faint howling in the woods.

The next election will be won(as this one was) by a majority of minorities and the Socialists will never lose again.

I believe this election was the white races last chance to have a voice in American politics.

The whites that voted for Socialism and Marxisn ths election don't count... They're too brainwashed to learn and cannot ever be trusted to do any serious decision-making ever again.

The "Granny" you list on the right is a classic example of their ignorance and stunning stupidity.

Forget about that lazy golf-playing puppet Obama, or that bankers boy, Wall Street Romney. It was never about them... It was always about the destruction of the Republic.

And Pauls supporters - by sitting this one out - handed our enemy the victory they have been working towards for decades.

The only relatively bloodless chance I see is secession by the Red States... if they no longer wish to be ruled by the debt-ridden ignorant masses in the big union-dominated cities.

The Constitution is now dead, so all agreements between the individual States and this Federal government that were based on the federal government's being being a Constitutional entity are now null and void.

Texas is an excellent choice for leading the charge in this Red State exodus and being the first State to do this. Texas has major ports, massive oil supplies, refinerys, lots of industry, cattle, grain, sufficent electrical power, and plenty of open space for immigrating Americans wishing to exit the emerging Socialist United States. By dumping their supposed share of the federal government's debt, Texas would also be financially stable, and Texas citizens would be relieved of the feds massive tax burden.

Progressives, Socialists, Marxists, Communists, feminists, LGBT's, welfare leeches and illegals not wihing to ramain in Texas would be cheerfully escorted to the new International border, given a new suit, a hundred bucks and a map to one of Obama's all new FEMA camps.

What we don't need is Obama sending in Predator drones with Hellfire misiles messing up our weddings and social gatherings, even if it is his favorite pasttime during his rare visits to the White House.

So, one thing the rejuvenated Texas Rangers would most likely have to do is have agents search out the operators of those Predator drones(fast becoming the most hated humans on planet earth) and send them to their just rewards.

The alternatives are very, very messy.

Master Doh-San said...

Remember how much more "electable" Romney was than Paul?


Galt-in-Da-Box said...

I don't buy the "old white racists" line of bullshit the Khazakh-Papist cabal has been moving since the election.
COMM-ney was a loser, plain & simple, like the rest of your coaster blue-bloods.
Todd Akin's hilljackism & Richard Mourdock's Vaticanism dealt the fatal blows to the structure $hit Romney's convention treachery already set tottering.
I'm surprised the margin wasn't larger.
If they trot out Jeb Bush or John Boehner next time you'll KNOW they're Whored out to the cabal.