Saturday, December 15, 2012

Is It Possible?

Just wondering about this:
Gun-grabbing authoritarian leftist President wants to confiscate firearms, so he arranges - via either CIA, DHS, FBI or old Nation of Islam/other terrorist pals from the 60s to stage atleast one horrific mass shooting a year, more if possible, til the people give into his agenda...
Yeah, I know - sounds pretty tinfoil hat - however, is it possible?
Were Operations Northwood & Keelhaul possible?
How about slavery?
Indian reservations & subjugation?
Personally, I believe it's MORE Than possible that our Terrorist In Chief; who doesn't want anyone to see any of his records; whose electable eligibility is very dubious; whose writings are rife with white-hating racism and who has openly stated "FREEDOM NEVER WORKED" is doing all he can to subjugate America, because while yesterday, a nut got loose in Connecticut with a gun and killed almost 30 people, in 1932 a nut got hold of the German government, took everyone else's guns and murdered over 6 million people!
That's the REAL tragedy we need to make CERTAIN Never happens again, but you don't hear Piers Morgan, Bob Khazakh or any of the other 0bammunist mouthpieces talking about that, this morning...I wonder why!?

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texlahoma said...

Yeah, O-Bomb-a kills all those innocent people in Pakistan with drones, sends thousands of guns to Mexican drug gangs and people are suppose to believe he cries for these victims "of gun violence".
Give me a break!

If his crack shipment didn't come in, then we might see some real tears.