Saturday, January 12, 2013

American Scenes - Reality Check Edition

If you are White & American, especially those of you of the "it'll never happen here", constantly-votes-for-more-freebees crowd, you need to Wake The FUCK Up, or you're gonna be sleeping forever.

A free lunch is usually the best bait for a murderous trap!

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texlahoma said...

I know someone that's been saying the same thing as George. Trying to point out how stupid people are that think gun control laws will stop anyone.

People don't think things through.
Let's say that (the fantasy of) every gun in America turned in comes true, and only cops have guns. Who will people that want guns target?
The cops!
They would be killing cops with any means available to get their guns. Ambushes, bow and arrows, axes, clubs, knives, rocks.
Then they could start using the guns that they took from the dead cops to kill more cops and get more guns and so on and so forth.

Gun grabber - "Stop it, you're screwing up my gun free fantasy!"