Saturday, January 26, 2013

AstroTurf Meets Bayonets

Might wanna rethink that whole "Gun-grab Town Hall" strategy, Veep Biden.
FaceBook's We will NOT be disarmed group had this to share:
It was a bad Sunday for sponsors of an meeting to create a grassroots chapter of the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence at the Glenview, IL Police Station Auditorium failed miserably as supporters of the Constitution and civil rights took part in the event.

In the end, unsubstantiated assertions by the gun control advocates were challenged by a boisterous audience.

The local newspaper had this to say:

Gun Ownership Advocates Intentionally Pack Panel

(Glenview Patch) – Gun ownership advocates intentionally packed Sunday’s gun control panel by the New Trier Democrats, as pro-gun advocates — who were encouraged to come from across the state in a mass email from the Illinois State Rifle Association (ISRA) — argued and yelled at panelists throughout the program.

“Remember, this is our Lexington, this is our Concord,” the email read. “Be prepared to teach the gun controllers a lesson in liberty.”

The email also encouraged attendees to arrive between an hour and half an hour early, to “ensure that there are more of OUR people there than THEIR people,” according to the email. That resulted in venue at the Glenview Police Station auditorium filling up, with many would-be attendees turned away at the door.

The majority of the crowd — around 2/3 — were wearing NRA and ISRA paraphernalia, and holding American flags and signs, such as “Shall not be infringed” and “Pro-second amendment.”

While all of the speakers faced outrage and yelling from the crowd — with many being called a “liar” or “loser” as they spoke — none seemed to anger the crowd as much as Lee Goodman, of the Stop Concealed Carry Coalition.
This has to be just the beginning of our resistance, because the pressure on the crooked, corrupt, foreign-fed disarmament/anti-second-amendment gang needs to be dialed UP during the next four years.
If we give in, or slack off for a minute, subjugation will be shoved down Americans' throats just like KHAZAKHtax...I mean "0-bomb-ya-CAIR".


Bob said...

There should have been some rotton vegatable tossing at the meet.

Maybe next time....

texlahoma said...

Great story!