Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Down The Homestretch

New Years Day, that great Finish Line of the holidays!
This was the first one I really and sincerely got to enjoy, Christmas running a close second. Spent both on my own, but today I got out of the house and took care of business: it's great when you go shopping and come back with more money than you left with! It wasn't til I got to the local smorgasbord and burned through the gift card from work I got to thinking about how much things change in relatively short time:
When I was a kid, the terms "man of the house" and "dinner hour" were still in use; today they would be gobbledygook, even if the hearers spoke English. Television & restaurants pitched their sales to the man, or as someplace to take the family this weekend: TV shows most popular were Gunsmoke, Twilight Zone, Carol Burnett, American Sportsman. We didn't have football clubs that dressed teams up in pink ribbons for "breast cancer awareness", there were horse races, boxing matches and police shows. If you ever saw a tooty-fruit on TV, it was a candy ad or a news story about the cops shutting down a perv-palace.
Then, long about the time the Establishment decreed that schools shouldn't punish troublesome brats, everything changed.
Thinking was out and "feeeeeel"ing was in.
We traded James Arness for Lou Grant. Work and responsibility were still commonplace, not dirty words. Three of the local high schools had rifle ranges in the basements, because we controlled idiots, not guns & nobody even heard of "attention defecit disorder" because there were ass-whuppin's, not cop-outs!
As Stephen King put it in the Dark Tower series, "the world has moved on" but not to better things: A step "F0RWARD!" may be "Progressive" but it's also more often than not a step down, taken in ignorance and cowardice. Reason yields evermore to emotionalism & jingoism. Instead of having your "eyes on the prize" you are sensitivity-trained to worry about how others might "feeeeeel" about your success. Here's an honest solution: Withdraw your consent to all this weakness-mongering: Have the guts to stand up and say, loud & clear: No more! Have done with and no use for the milk toast and the mealy-mouthed! As we told the "look-good" hypocrites in the 1960s, so we must say to their "feeeeeel-good" counterparts today:
You are finished!!!


texlahoma said...

Ah, the good old days of Gunsmoke and the Twilight Zone. Back when even in grade school teams had winners and losers. Students got to experience each and learned that winning is better.
You summed it up "Forward to ignorance and cowardice!"
Sounds like a campaign slogan.

Bob said...

You guys aren't as lucky as I am....

I'm 74 and won't live to see the third-world America that is being created by all these incredible fools from Obama down.

Unfortunately, that hasn't prevented me from watching - and living through - the destruction of the America our forefathers created.

From a nation of hard-working moral and ethical people, America has dissolved into a a nightmare reality of minorities fighting a no-holds-barred fight for all the goodies:

-1) Millions of non-english speaking, disease-ridden and illiterate invaders that are destroying the American safety net we built for our own needy, plunderng our welfare system, and spitting on our traditions and history:

-2) Millions of spittle-dribbling white-hating ignorant savages literally living off the very society they hate and wish to destroy:

-3) Millions of supposed "dual-citizen" unethical, amoral and viciously racist outsiders that have plundered our money and destroyed our dollar:

-4) Millions of college "educated" liberals, feminists, LGBTs and all those intellectual idiots in general, every one of them fighting for their own personal and private advantage at the expense of everyone else.

-5) A few thousands of professional politicans and filthy rich elitists that have literally sold this country down the river for personal gain.

Selfish fools all, they have worked tirelessly to destroy the only place on earth that allowed them the freedom to prosper... or destroy themselves.

What is there to say? That perhaps future generations - building a new natiopn - will look back on the American disaster and learn from our stupidity and do it right?

Not a chance. There is no place left on earth to start over.

Enjoy the present. The very fact that you read this blog is proof you will not enjoy the future.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Tex-That's essentially where I'm coming from.
Bob-INCREDIBLE How the very people who used the Holocaust for DECADES to screw US out of more & bigger handouts are now in a perfect position to start doing the same to all us "goyim daghz"!