Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Moths And Flames

The "strong, independent" myth.
It seems to Galt-in-Da-Box that, if you are truly "strong" and "independent", you
*don't have your hand in some/everyone else's pocket
*live alone
*aren't constantly looking for free rides and freebees
among many other details that indicate REAL liberation.
Show me somebody (more often than not, some BITCH) talking shit like "global village", or "shared sacrifice" or "they need to pay their fair share!!!", and I'll show you the typical looting, mooching feminStaazi gimme, who wasted her youth balling every "bad boy" she could find who wouldn't practice contraception, has fifteen kids by fifteen of them, and expects YOU, or a group of you, or everyone other than her, to carry her fucking deadweight!
Tough shit, honey. You want to claim the name, you better take the blame & play the game. It is not coincidental that America's most rapid societal decline started in 1920, not 1964.
You want respect? Get your self-centered, greedy hand out of my pocket (especially old-money, filthy-rich FeinKIKE and Pelosi-Papist). When is the last time they refused to exempt themselves from a new/higher tax?
There is no such thing as dependent individualism.

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