Thursday, January 17, 2013

"The Nation's Jewspaper"

USATODAY: When President Obama takes the Inaugural Oath, he'll be adding a phrase not mentioned in the Constitution:

Indefinite detention, undeclared wars & executive orders to grab your guns aren't Constitutional either, but neither the lapdog propaganda machine nor the ACLU appear to be convulsed by paraxisms of old-money, filthy-rich, atheistic Khazar angst by them.
The lesson here people is that the Constitution is great wherever it can be used to advance VeldtSchtaat tyranny, but anyplace it opposes same (like-say, the entire Bill of Rights), it's "fundamentally flawed/just a goddamn piece of paper!" Peradventure these greed-blinded lemmings will learn the error of their ways inside FEMA concentration camps, gas chambers or ovens, as Communists like their hero in the White House have little use for them once their authoritarianism is total.
What a great pity that history teaches US men learn nothing from history.

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