Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Right Wing Communism

Judge Andrew Napolitano shows why voting for the other half of the Establishment is no solution.
Napolitano said the Republicans have to realize that if they don’t change their stance, President Obama will “use his powers under federal law” to give illegal immigrants lawful status and simply go around Congress.

“That will add 11 to 13 million new voters to the Democratic rolls. The Republicans need to resist that, not by kicking these people out, not by preventing them from becoming citizens, but by welcoming them with open arms into a party where they would feeeeeel more comfortable than the Democrats,” Napolitano argued.
Unlike left-wing communism which is based on an ever-shifting, constantly-changing definition of an abstract idea called "the common good", right-wing communism is based on a vague, nebulous abstract of "because GO-OOOOOOD!!!(all three of Him, presumably) wants US to!!!", in accordance with the prescription of "liberation theology"-espousing Jesuit pederasts.
In the end, you get the same altruism-generated debt, only the cop-outs made for it are based on Papist spiritualism, not atheistic Marxism...all brought to you by the Vatican...The result is no different.
And "in the end" is EXACTLY where you get it!

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