Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Spirit Of '76

It's alive, well, and potentially kicking:
"Come for the guns, stay for the bullets. I don't give a fuck if it's done through executive order or by legislation, the outcome's the same. Bloodshed, fuck 'em."

Atop this Google+ status, more "assault rifles" have sold in the last month than the last two years. If the Kenyan communist is looking for a fight, he may well get more than he bargained for, because all these guns CANNOT be private-citizen purchases. Mayhap many state & local governments are weary of 0bammunist usurpation of authority, and those "state defense forces" he is rumored to fear so greatly he has threatened governors with treason charges for forming them, are on the rise.
Oath Keepers drive to recruit sheriffs into asserting their final authority in law enforcement also shows promise. Americans everywhere are alert to the common danger. It's the predictable response to Obama & various CongressKhazakh's rush to judgement over the terrorist attack/false flag at Sandy Hook. When the Rothschild's boy starts his war on the United States, his wetback legions of "homeland security" may very well encounter Yamamoto's nightmare
"A rifle behind every blade of grass."

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Master Doh-San said...

Remember the wise counsel given at Lexington: "Don't fire unless fired upon, but hold your ground. If they mean to have war, let it start hear."