Saturday, February 16, 2013

Christopher Dorner's End?

Probably in more ways than one.
Nothing that happened to him was spontaneous or unpredictable. The only thing missing from Dorner's death certificate was the coroner's signature from the time this manhunt started! There is something very rotten about LAPD: These issues keep cropping up again and again. Sources inside tell of leadership problems and deliberate obstructions to justice. Since it's clear from the media control, lack of transparency and overall corruption that HELL-A is giving Washington DC competition for most corrupt, reprobate city in the country, it's no wonder bywords like "little Mexico" & "Mexifornia" continue to be created for the most crooked, most polluted and heavily indebted state in the union. Dorner was an unashamed leftist prog himself, whose manifesto Comrade-0 would have been proud of, but any hope of addressing the legitimate issues he may have had with his former employer are now gone:
Establishment leftists will - as their ill-manner has proven to be the last four years - sweep all of it under the rug, or after a lip service investigation, exonerate themselves.

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