Sunday, February 10, 2013

Lance Armstrong Example

Anyone who saw the interview basically knows this guy is a sociopath, but that's the macroscene.
When you zoom out and track back on Armstrong's timeline it becomes obvious that Our Dear Leader could find an ace he could keep in Lance's recently-folded hand: No secrets are permanent, especially with your owner a/k/a the REAL ruler of America devaluing your hush-money with every billion he prints. Lindsey Graham has proven Establishment GOP will never be interested in anything behind 0bama's closed doors, being more lapdog than ABCNNBCBS/FauxNews, but the most obvious and glaring Barry issues are already in print in his books.
Liberty lovers read. GeOPapist and Donk boomers suck on the bullshiTVision and look at the pictures in the Jewspaper while getting Hoovered by their boyfriends or feeding their cat collection.
And we pay attention to details!

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