Saturday, February 9, 2013

Saturday Evening Repost...

...Though not my own post.
Ted Beale shows his manic brilliance once again in expanding on his "rabbit people" gloss:
Rabbits are one of the more commonly cited examples of an r-selected species and a number of people have taken r/K selection theory, traced out the logical consequences of it in modern societal terms and applied it to politics.

"Obviously, from avoiding conflict and competition, to single parenting, to low-loyalty to in-group, this r-selected Reproductive Strategy is the psychomotive origin of the Political Left, or as it is known in America, Political Liberalism. It produces a model of human which is cowardly, competition averse, promiscuous, supportive of single parenting, supportive of earlier sexualization of young, and which has no real embrace of loyalty, honor, decency, or any other pro-social trait designed to foster group cohesion and functionality, or success in group competition. Females will become manly, to provision and protect their young, which they raise alone, while men become effete castrati, designed for fleeing and fornication, and capable of little else of meaning. As we see in any society which begins to produce resources freely and copiously, it will gradually begin to trend "r" as time goes on, further highlighting this relationship of resource availability to political psychology, and reproductive strategy."
Galt-in-Da-Box never promised you these reposts would be mine, just that they would be entertaining & informative.
Vox as usual scores majestically on both.

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