Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Outer Court

More and more sources are growing bold and telling the truth about "God's chosen" Russians.
It does not matter how sincere or devout the moneychangers and money grabbers may claim to be to the compromised, spiritualism and mysticism-laced perversions of Judaism propounded today, if one is not of the bloodline of Abraham, one cannot honestly claim to be a Semitic Hebrew! Research the records in the Old Testament and you find that gentile proselytes were not treated with the same respect accorded the genuine article, and real Hebrews knew their lineage. Further, there is NO mention to the Earth-bitch-worship-based "Kabbalah" to which Khazars constantly refer.
These are just a few of the major reasons I have no respect whatsoever for the whining, sniveling, old-money filthy-rich "victims of society" infesting our financial & political structures when they look down their pasty-white noses at US "goyim".

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