Saturday, March 23, 2013

Of Boiled Frogs...

...And your Second Amendment rights
Mark Twain once said "Never let the facts get in the way of a good story", advice media Khazars & the six major corporations they own appear to be taking to heart:
Just one ZioMedia headline against the Second Amendment I have witnessed this week read "Thousands Of Gun Deaths Since Sandy Hook". Another hit piece in USA Today screeded about how terrible it was that judges issuing restraining orders in many states couldn't violate the Second Amendment rights of their targets. Only a fool would presume these will be the last.
It seems to me we're following all too truly the course Germany did before Hitler came to power, complete with Bank- and Law-Khazars taking full advantage of the ignorance & slothfulness of a gullible electorate almost everyday, which led to the Nazi neoconservative backlash.
It was what Hitler rode into power!
I just hope the atheistic Khazars wake up this time, stop worshipping money & thus quit facilitating their own destruction - especially since Communists murdered more of them than Adolf Hitler, and the Nation Of Islam President they fawn and swoon over would gladly do the same.

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Bob said...

Good luck...

Gernmany wasn't full of welfare sucking state supported minority citizens and proto-citizens, but both we and the Germans have/had the Jewish bankng elite.

So... Our minority citizens and proto-citizens, skillfully guided by the Jewish banking elite, will re-create Socialist Germany.

Those Argentine transplants may just be correct:

Das Third Reich will rise again!