Saturday, April 27, 2013

An Undemocratic "Democracy"

The major problem with Democrats is, many presume that an assinine idea held by the majority of their LIARarchy equates to it being held by the people at large.
I would wager heavily a majority of the population of southern states did not agree to the treasonous alliance formed by CSA Papists. Polls ranged from 67-89% as to how many Americans opposed 0bamacare, whereas only 11% considered themselves absolutely in favor of it. To this day the majority of people favor the First, Second & Fourth Amendment protections in the Constitution, despite which politicians continue to attempt exceptions, alterations & backdoor revocations.
This elitist, undemocratic system of manufactured consent and imperialist usurpation not only cannot continue, it must be opposed by whatever means necessary! At its core, democracy always sounds great until a bribe-craving, demoralized majority are in favor of the unrestrained rape, murder and plunder of the minority.
The smallest minority is the individual and they are the ones who ultimately suffer most under the myth of "social contract democracy".

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texlahoma said...

They need to realize that this is a CONSTITUTIONAL Republic with protections for the individual. Not a pure Democracy.