Friday, April 19, 2013

Dodging The Bullet

Senators Spared You by defeating the latest gun-grab bill:
Feinstein amendment #711
The Feinstein amendment would bring back an expanded ban on so-called “assault weapons.” History shows that banning firearms and imposing arbitrary limits on the size of magazines will not reduce crime.

Lautenberg-Blumenthal amendment #714
The Lautenberg-Blumenthal amendment would impose an arbritrary 10 round limit on ammunition magazine capacity. The 1994 Assault Weapons Ban banned magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds and did nothing to curb gun violence."
Notice how it was sold as a "background checks" bill, but the Zionist Khazars pushing it had all these riders waiting in the wings once it was ready to bring to the floor?
BanKhazar is terrified of "goyim" who are capable of forcibly withstanding their globalist, Agenda 21 tyranny...
Stay Vigilant, Patriots!

Meanwhile the predominately GeOPapist House gave government the privilege to snoop, censor, regulate & tax almost everything you do online via CISPA. Senate has yet to vote, so you still have a chance to 86 this atrocity! Use the link on the right to contact, or phone 202.224.3121 and DEMAND THUMBS DOWN ON CISPA

My question remains...IF
- as the Jewsmedia assures US -
more gun control has majority popular support, and Internet taxation, censorship & other first & fourth amendment infringements are "for your protection"
Why Not Put Them To A REFERENDUM!?
Amazing how undemocratic our "democratic" system becomes regarding direct assaults on the Bill of Rights!

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