Thursday, April 4, 2013

It's Not Over

It Won't Be Until The Kenyan Communist is out of office, along with career socialists in Congress!
Rothschild & Kissinger have a new, dumblond feminStaazi moving this shit in Congress.
The United (abomi)Nations has drafted a new treaty pushing the anti-Second-Amendment line with a new head of steam.
Obama is doing "townhalls" for gun-grabbing all over the country.
In other liberty infringement news, Monsanto has been given carte blanche to poison the food supply with a congressional rubber stamp and another bill is moving through committee to tax the internet.
Be as euphoric as you want about filibuster speechifying, just remember to roll up your sleeves and get back in the fight once its done, because tyranny never sleeps!

1 comment:

texlahoma said...

Gun insurance...Gun?
What gun?
I don't own any guns.
And neither does anyone else.