Friday, May 31, 2013

Most Popular Lies

believed today are "War on terror" & "single-payer universal healthcare"...
Here's why:
When Khazars & their Papist gov't middlemen fear discovery, they send out people I call "truth distorters". Many of these useful idiots aren't even paid, merely dopers, drunkards & perverts in a welfare slot vying for relevance in social media; while the PIMPs (powerful, influencial media personalities, like Hannity & Matthews) get millions on bullshiTVision, radio and the Jewspapers. They dreck on superSHILLiously about global warming, the KHAZARdaschians, gay marriage, blue book Bubba bullshit, etc - ANYTHING to distract the proles, run them off on tangents, and otherwise generate a smokescreen of confusion to distract the general slave population from the actions of their owners. Once the particular distortion is accepted into the mainstream it takes on the "gospel" ferver of religion - if it isn't religion itself - and breeds more distortion, to say nothing of fools to propagate it.
The primary goal is divide and keep conquered; keep the fucking lemmings following the truth distorters & at eachothers' throats racially and politically but manipulate them so subtly they never suspect the process nor look beyond their narrow, distorted, self-contradicting ideologies at reality. 
The plantation has never been burned, nor slavery ended: It exists today, only the Rothschild rugrats/bagel-munching Bolsheviks are Massa, Papa Frank's dupes are House niggaz, the chains are made of little green pieces of paper & the IRS is the whipping post. And you're low man on the tote-'em pole - You are Field nigga, just like me.
"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe themselves to be free." - Goethe

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texlahoma said...

I know that this post wasn't about the right to keep and bear arms, but the slave references sure remind me of it.

In a scenario where we are all slaves but still have guns,
the smart slaves are saying:

"We must keep our guns, if Master tries anything too bad we can put a stop to it."

The stupid slaves are saying:

"Let's turn in our guns, sure we will be completely helpless to the whims of Master, but it will make him happy."

It's hard for me to grasp the stupidity of slaves who want to be disarmed.
Why do they think they want us disarmed?
So they can do good things to us?
No, it's so that they can do anything they want to us, without retaliation.