Saturday, June 29, 2013

Of "Despotic Democracy"

"The Constitution was supposed to determine what legislative options were available; majority rule was to be the method for deciding among them. But after constitutionality was sidelined during the 1930s, majority rule applied to alloptions. If lawmakers are unbounded by the Constitution, and the majority control lawmakers, then the majority is unbounded. Over the past eighty years, the US form of government has moved steadily from a constitutional republic administered through democracy toward adespotic democracy – democratic in structure with open forums, elections, and consensus decision-making, but with uncontained lawmaking powers. Despotic democracy is unlimited government of all individuals by the majority on each issue. In a despotic democracy, people are not mutually free but mutually controlled. They don’t live comfortably within their rights, but neurotically, fearing which pleasure might be voted away next for being out of favor. By providing the legal means for some to dominate others, despotic democracy makes government, which was formed to protect individuals from one another’s injustice, the tool of it."
~Philip Schuyler

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texlahoma said...

To me, it all started going down hill when people accepted the concept of victimless crimes.

Even prohibition of alcohol was only allowed after a constitutional amendment, since everyone knew that it was obviously unconstitutional.

Now they can throw you in jail for growing a vegetable garden, no amendment needed.