Sunday, June 30, 2013

Racism Is Profitable~

~which is why so many Khazars promote it.
Paula Deen shit is flying off the virtual shelves at, while Jackson, Farakhan & Sharpton are leading the marches insisting on a phat gimme for themselves ...I mean "justice for Treyvon Martin", but the benefits are greater than simple cash. It's a wonderful opportunity also for moving the traditional leftist, atheistic Khazakh lie that white=racist, to say nothing of keeping the SHEEPle's eyes off of Congress & what linguine-spined Squeaker Boner might do with Wetback Amnesty 3.
The corrupt & ignorant get rich and treasonous laws pass while the plebes get stirred up over bullshit...get the picture now?

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texlahoma said...

If they find Zimmerman not guilty I'm gonna tear some shit up!

If they find Zimmerman guilty I'm gonna tear some shit up!

Basically, I just want to tear some shit up!