Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Brief History...

...Of a campaign that succeeded all too well - It's amazing that people are still living in the past & rehashing this:

"You know how I feel about Lincoln however I agree with the man who said this

'As the victor, the North had the larger burden to heal the nation after the war but did a rather poor job of healing. After the war, what mattered most was not the causes of the war nor the tactics during the war; starting in April 1865 what mattered was getting over the bitterness. Durign the war, Sherman, known for tough tactics, said that after the war he's be willing to share his last cracker with a southerner. Over 600,000 Americans died in that war when the population of the country was a tenth of what it is today; it's like 6 million of our present population dying. Almost half the American deaths in all of America's wars were in the Civil War, which one can view as ample punishment for the injustice of slavery. As losers, southerners were of course bitter; but northerners were also bitter as their politicians waved "the bloody shirt". Rhetoric from both sides continued the bitterness. After the war 
the North continued economic domination; and carpetbaggers used Negroes to gain power and money. After this very bloody, destructive, divisive war, all Americans should have done more to heal the rift'."

The real winners of The War Between The States are the ones who won every war since, as the Rothschilds & the Roman Catholic cult had no other way to profitably reassert dominance over a part of the world they lost in 1789. That dominance increased from 1865-1913, and now is all but complete.
Lincoln & Davis were useful idiots at best, the only difference being that by the time he expended his usefulness, Lincoln knew too much and was much too dangerous to be allowed to continue as President.
Think slavery went away with the "Civil" War? Try getting away with not paying your taxes, or get caught without health insurance after 1 January 2014, and you'll find out the hard fucking way you're not a free nigga yet!

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texlahoma said...

I personally think Lincoln was a fool, but that aside, even though my kin were on the South's side, I've read letters that they wrote and they actually wanted him to do well and help bring the country together.

They hated that he was assassinated.

(They would have been fine with it earlier, but it was too late when it happened.)