Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Invisible Side

Of enLIEtened, Progressive "immigration reform":

It's invisible largely because the atheistic 
Khazakhs of the Jewsmedia will say nothing 
negative about the murdering Islamic 
fanatics, since their fellow communist in the 
White House is arming them to the teeth.
Meanwhile, Congressional whores voted 
Monday on false promises of border security 
to be added to Papist Wetback Amnesty 3 
(aka S.744).
You can see the Republicans who want cheap labor & the Democrats that want cheap votes...what you can't see is the Roman Catholic CULT & it's leftist "liberation" theology that wants to bring the same third-world poverty to America it always brings to every nation where it is prevalent, and which owns key people in both parties through the deceit of salvation through altruism & absolution via indulgences.
Until you see that, you'll never understand what it is actually all about.

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