Thursday, June 20, 2013

The "B" Word

It's really tiresome to hear the perpetual watering-down of the term "bullying".
Because of how feminized and effeminate western civilization has become, we define "bullying" as someone saying they don't like your Facebook status - which is ignorant at best. It's become fashionable to define bullying as calling someone fat, who is fact...fat. I wonder if the people who come up with this moronic bullshit are the same idiots who invented the term "hate speech", because they obviously never heard of the First Amendment.
Bullying - for the enlightenment of the aforementioned fools - is when you are deprived of your property, liberty, income, health and/or life for no legitimate reason &/ without due process of law.
Bullying is when you have a government that values the indolent, slothful & emotionalism-driven above the useful, disciplined and productive, which is ever building a prison-nation/surveillance state to control the latter for the benefit of the former.
Bullying is a society top heavy with thieving, robbing bloodsuckers who buy and sell politicians that will start wars & pass counterfeit "social program" legislation that personally & profitably benefits them; who break out in tears and lawsuits screeding "ANTIZEMITICK!!!" whenever they are outed.
There's another word for's TYRANNY.

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texlahoma said...

Hell yeah!

You said it man, couldn't agree more.