Friday, July 19, 2013

A Convenient Untruth

If there Is actually any genuine difference between the Establishment "left" and "right" in the US, why does it disappear when anyone mentions the un-magic words "national security"...

...especially since, on almost every other issue "both" seem intent on selling America down the river to "global(istic) economics" and "international" interests?
Is it possible that, at a certain income level - perhaps I should say UNDER THE TABLE income level - partisan politics blurs together & the UEMFs orchestrating the distraction of partisanship confer on how best to continue the choreography of party difference? Aside from how similar NDAA 2012 clause 1068 is to the Internal Security Act (foundation of MacCarthyism) of the mid 1950s, another dead giveaway is the birth certificate. Countless experts have asserted 0bama's long form is a forgery - as if it were not obvious to anyone - so why are CON-servatives doing nothing with all they need for a clear victory sitting right there in plain sight? Do you think it's just a coincidence the Bush regime big shots & upper echelon 0bammunists also agree against Snowden and Manning?
In both of the last two Presidential elections alleged CONservatives rejected a constitutional Republican cut from Reagan cloth for a RINO Establishment hack, the first a doddering old fool, the last a beltway insider clearly owned by BUSHeviks, and both went down in flames as the alienated party base and most of the rest of voters dumped them. If the Republican Party is no longer capable of producing a genuine Conservative, and when it does, it's "leaders" side with the left, perhaps it is time to abandon the GOP...
...Especially since it appears to get most of its money from the same "limosine liberal" atheist BanKhazars that have long ago bought the Democrats!!!

Tyranny Is Official!
When it reaches Establishment press, it's no longer "conspiracy theory", it's Khazar-Papist cabal bragging:

The time for talk is over.
The time for Action is NOW!

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texlahoma said...

The Obama administration should detain it's self indefinitely since it arms al Qaeda in Syria and did so in Libya.