Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Plausible Solution

Recently, Secretary of State John Kerry allegedly completed an investigation into religious persecution around the globe.
Among his remarks to the UN he asserted that "Christian" (i.e: PAPIST) persecution was on an unprecedented increase and that something had to be done to "stem the rising tide of antisemitism". Here at CFN, we are glad John brought these serious issues to the fore, and offer this post in the hope that our very plausible solution might be implemented to alleviate - and possibly even cure - what he sees as such a great dilemma.
First, have you noticed that Buddhists and Hindus do not suffer from these problems, or if they do, they atleast appear to do so to a much lesser degree? Moving from religion into the philosophical and ideological realms you will find Objectivists hardly ever have to deal with them, and while same cannot be said for Libertarians, we just don't seem to mind.
I am going to go out on a limb here and predict that within the next 20 years or so, Muslims will start to experience this alleged persecution problem too, largely due to the same Law Of Causality that has brought "persecution" down on the pointy heads of those for whom Mr. Kerry has recently been wont to whine.
The REAL issue is altruism, and the hypocrisy that generates it, not religion or persecution.
Whatever may ill be said of Buddhism or Hinduism, Galt-in-Da-Box's research indicates the adherents to these views tend to take a "physician heal thyself" perspective and concentrate on changing their individual lives by altering their attitudes and actions. The others seem to be fixated with manipulating, cajoling or bludgeoning others into conforming to stupid-stition - based, hypocritical codes of ethics which they prescribe, but never take themselves, and enforcing conformity from lofty secular perches in government.
When and wherever one sets off on a Crusade/Jihad/"vwonderful und GLOOOORious mission" to shove others about "for their own good", leading from the rear with bullwhips, bloviation or both, it is a sure-fire invitation of doom, especially when coupled with the duplicity we witness in the treacherous greed of the Khazars, the self-righteousness hypocrisy & polytheism of the Papists, and the horrendous, sadistic wedding of all these in the Islamic fruit of their fornication.
It is written that "the curse causeless shall not come", and so Mr Kerry we advise that you do what all sane people do with "a certain fearful looking-for of judgement" when observing what is to befall these fools in their folly:
Stand out of its way, and let natural selection/causality/karma deal the final, fatal blow to these apostate structures which have brought little more than misery and suffering to the world.

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