Monday, July 8, 2013

"Good Christian" Perverts

At a certain point, it's no longer "faith" to walk by 1750 years of blood-letting, politicking, gold-digging, ass-grabbing  apostasy & still call the Whore of Babylon the "one true church", just willful & deliberate ignorance:

And yet still millions of fools turn their kids over to the backward-collared reprobates to school (or should that be SCREWOOL) in the lies of Vaticanism every fucking day! Our media seethe with the perverted communists, and so do our legislatures, courts & halls of Congress...
And we wonder why the country is so fucked up!?

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texlahoma said...

There are so many cracks in the dam of silence that I don't think it will hold much longer. It's going to all come tumbling down.