Friday, July 12, 2013

Jim Jones Syndrome

You might want to sit down for this.

And just incase you are concerned that Americans might be the most ignorant creatures on Earth...

I call it Jim Jones syndrome because no other term seems adequate to describe the absolute insanity it would take for an individual to so completely hand over personal autonomy to someone else.
The growing number of such lemmings in our time is alarming not because of its novelty, but that you would think that after the bloodiest century in human history clearly displaying the consequences of such foolishness, it would never happen again in a million years. Dense concentrations of such morons always center around cunning, crafty liars who cannot wait to take advantage of them. Fanaticism would have become extinct shortly after the American revolution were that not true.
Politicians love to explain by saying shit like "Men need to be ruled", "Subjugation is the deserved fate of the inferior" and "The world needs to be guided by a strong hand from somewhere"* because weakness attracts such adversaries like the smell of detritus brings flies - tyrants are merely an effect; the cause is personal laziness in every category. Show me a man or woman who chronically and habitually does not think for themselves and I will show you a corpse at the next Heaven's Gate. If you are lazy, dishonest and irresponsible you are constantly looking for someone other than yourself to blame for it, and the US appears to be adopting "blame others for my stupidity" as its new national passtime. In case it has not been said clearly enough here before, let me state again what I have learned through personal and dear-bought experience:
Whenever you submit authority over your life to anyone other than God and yourself, that power will be abused!!!
*King Edward the Longshanks, Adolf Hitler & George Soros, respectively.


Bob said...

Maintaining authority over your own life and affairs requires a high degree of self-discipline and responsibility, things no modern high school and college educated American halfwit has any clue about.

Responsibility. Self-discipline. Alien concepts to our latest totally clueless batch of young adults.

America is finished.

texlahoma said...


I thought you were exaggerating about their stupidity, you weren't.

If someone asked me to sign something like that, I'd probably wind up getting in a fight.

Those fools just happily sign it.