Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sorry To Wake... from the slumber induced by Paula Deen & Trayvon Martin innoculants, but here's some "RACISM!!!" you are Deliberately Not Being Told About by the bagel-munching Bol$heviks & Roth$child rugrats running the Establishment press:

While we're revisiting this topic, maybe a reader steeped in the duplicities of Progressivism out there can explain this scenario to me:
Pete has to wait 4-8 years to get a green card & legally immigrate from Canada because he is white.
Pedro can get all the bennies of citizenship without one simply by back-stroking across the Rio Grande since he isn't!
If you say anything against the gross inequality of this hypocritical, Khazar-Papist cabal double-standard, you are branded a "racist" by Obammunists!!!
What's wrong with this picture...OTHER than Everything!?
If you are starting to get the picture about the kind of minimum-security, third-world hellhole of a corrupt-governed country your home is being turned into for the profit of Zionists & their mackeral-snapping bootlickers, you need to ring the phones off the hook at 202.224.3121 and tell the House of Representatives to

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