Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Amateur Radio Pre-season

Time for Galt-in-Da-Box to ply his hobby!
This labor day weekend was a series of plans that worked out about 85% flawless - that's pretty good - WAAAY Above my usual batting average! Among them were some tests that generally indicated my grounding & antenna solutions were staring me in the face most the time, so I'll try a few more things...First with CB, then the low-power 10m rig, and if they work out, the full-blown HF. Sunspot cycle is supposed to be on a long-delayed up-curve this fall, so we'll try to make the most of it. If you are around 28.450 MHz on 21SEP, give a shout-out for KB5CTO. 10m is my favorite HF band.
I should have everything up and running by then, and all the bugs worked out.

Oh BTW, in the very remote possibility anyone out there still uses Citizen Band, I hang out on 14AM & 16SSB, & will be on between 10AM & 2PM Eastern Daylight Time (same time frame will apply for Amateur Radio).

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texlahoma said...

Wow, a whole side of you I knew nothing about.
Good luck getting everything working perfectly.