Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Dude Gets It

"Well, if women weren't all controlling, all nosey, and all manipulative to where they wish to use us as emotional tampons, or our kids as emotional tampons and weapons against their ex, wanted full custody when she's a worse person than he, constantly so insecure she feels the need to interrogate and question every point imaginable, attempts to kidnap, or passes herself around to "the next best thing" because he's just not good enough for her (implying that she can't settle for something worthwhile until she's run through the gambit of men first), men probably wouldn't feel that women are more like little children than grown up adults. 

That's why my grandparents' generation is the last to truly function as a family. Both sides understood what the roles were within the family, both sides understood that their "word" was worth gold and formed steel, and both sides understood there was a job to be done . . . the kids were not their friends, but their responsibility. Subsequent generations have forgotten what child rearing and a relationship entailed. And this is why so many people are selfish, lazy, and incapable of being anything more than children in adult bodies."

If you plan on staying single your whole life girls, then femin$taziism (that BULLSHIT they fed you in college) is totally for you.
If you want to get married, you need to lose it - and probably 50 pounds.
Sane men have N0 interest at all in being the pussywhipped, abused toadies of impudent, arrogant shrikes!

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