Friday, September 13, 2013

Of "American Exceptionalism"

Research indicates the Libertarian Party's best hope for creating more members is to
1. Get as many Republican & Democrat politicians kicked out of office as possible: It's amazing how Libertarian these birds SOUND when they are out of power & want it back.
2. Hire Vlad Putin as a political analyst, pundit & writer: His op-ed piece in the New York Times has ALL of Washington DC's best liars...err, politicians - well, same thing...vehemently defending the very thing they spend most their time & our money trying to destroy..."American exceptionalism"!
Ask a politician just WTF he means by that phrase, and you'll likely get a blank stare & a lot of hemming & hawing. In reality, what makes US exceptional, is we Are SUPPOSED To Be all about individual liberty, sovereignty and dignity.
Wouldn't THAT be a new political turn of events!!!

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texlahoma said...

If the politicians could just get it through their heads that "individual liberty, sovereignty and dignity" is what the people really want, and stick to that, they could just tell the truth. (No matter how odd that might feel to them.)