Monday, October 7, 2013

Seen On Craigslist

Some insights on a west-coaster's Real Issue:

" a lotta people who say they're happy. But I think Its because they have to say that. But, If you could just make your kids dissapear and have the freeee life, (Like me.) Would you???

Im 48 and didn't want any kids. I chose to NOT go the social acceptance and politically correct thing.. Yinnow, graduate and get married and have kids.

Lifes too complicated with kids .. Did you know, its gonna cost 248,000 to raise a kid? (Properly)

Fuck all that ... I like to travel and date who ever I want. Its great! No bullshit and arguin and kids cryin and all that bullshit. Id rather enjoy life. Kids make me sick. No, I love kids, but just for5 an hour or two, so I can get back to bein a MAN.

So would you do it?"

Honestly West Coaster, the REAL problem is not kids. Galt-in-Da-Box could deal with the Disney darlings all day! Your problem centers on that adult-sized kid that popped them out and can wreck your fucking life, take them away from you and rip you off all because of empty-headed-emotionalism arising from a stupid-ass episode of The View/0rca WIND-Free/Ellen Degenerate, or simply the jingoism some femin$tazi college professor or friend filled her head with.
I don't care how long you have been married, or how much "in love" you swear you are with your "soulmate"...Dr. Neil Clark Warren ain't the one that'll get emasculated by that gigantic fucking alimony/"maintenance" judgement in her favor! In some of our more leftist states - and definitely in neutered "free"-world nations like England or Canada - no marriage certificate needed: The usually femin$tazi/lefTARD "family" court judge simply rationalizes that, if she has a kid and you're involved with (read that "fucking") her...TAG, YOU'RE (sh)IT. Getting out will be nowhere near as easy as getting in has been - especially for you morons that got hitched without a prenup.
I no more than got ready to leave this morning and was regaled with a glittering example of the subject here: Some bitch comes storming out of the house down the street, screaming her head off and bawling like John Boehner because something evidently didn't go her way. Following as if on a leash is a dude making all like "Oh baby don't cry, what's the matter, I'm sorry, please come back" etc. While such incidents in my neighborhood are far from the norm, I can't figure out why he didn't stay inside, lock the door behind her and call the cops, or just grab his gear and get the fuck out!?


Bob said...

" I can't figure out why he didn't stay inside, lock the door behind her and call the cops, or just grab his gear and get the fuck out!?"

Of course you can.

At least three generations of intense de-balling of the American male by our government, our schools, our colleges, our media and Hollywood.

The poor bastard has no clue whatever how to act.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

In all honesty Bob, the pussy-whipping's been going on MUCH longer than that:
Religion in general, and Vaticanism in particular, brainfilthies the willfully ignorant who follow it to (literally) idolize women.
Once the Whore of Babylon had taken control of the country in 1861, and then gradually handed it over to the Synagogue of Satan from 1913-2001, femin$taziism started to be replaced with fagitry as "persons of leisure" became the predominant authority.
Contrary to popular belief, all this derp of "raising morale" in an organization is a lot of happy horseshit: It flows down from the top - much like the ideological piss of the Kenyan queer that America's being golden showered with now!
Once the strength of a nation is gone, its greatness soon follows.