Thursday, November 7, 2013

Democrat Buyers' Remorse

The epidemic continues:

"Shepard Fairey -- the artist behind Obama's 'Hope' poster -- was clearly disappointed in the Prez while bouncing from the Chateau Marmont last night.

Fairey was crystal clear -- Obama didn't live up to expectations ... and the word 'Hope' should be replaced on future posters.

Many people credit Fairey's handiwork with igniting the grassroots campaign that got Mr. O elected"

Considering some other extremely unlikely places this appears to be cropping up, there may be hope for the more sane and grass-roots liberal elements of the party yet! One-worlders like George W. Bush and Barack Obama have a long tradition of overplaying their hand and shitting in the cornflakes of those who elected them. While the growing disgruntlement is drawing jeers of "Too little, too late!" from GeOPapists & FOOL-aid drinking Progs, it's better to wake up late than to not wake up at all. Another FORMER staunch Obama stumper, whom Galt-in-Da-Box never expected to see the light, opines thusly:

"...developments in recent weeks have forced me, a two-time Obama supporter, to reevaluate my support:

the Affordable Health Care website debacle including the bumbling in putting the site up, Obama claiming to not be informed about the problem, and the White House revealed to have put up the site by issuing itself a waiver from the usual safety procedures meaning health records and Social Security numbers entered by applicants were at great than normal risk (see here);
the lies about what would happen to people’s healthcare coverage and the continued refusal by the White House to answer openly and honestly about what people were promised and what is being delivered;
German Chancellor Angela Merkel telling Obama to stop listening in on her phone calls. Obama claiming not to know anything about it;
The continued surveillance on our own citizens by the NSA, including millions who are not a threat to our country.
Obama’s approval ratings are at record lows, and we can’t blame this on Fox News or Republicans or the Tea Party. It’s his own fault.

Obama becomes more distant and defensive with each passing day."

Reality sets in sooner or later for everyone, usually about the time the bill arrives for the something-for-nothing they were promised. What they all have in common with Comrade-0 in this particular case though, is nobody got what they wanted from PPACA except the bloodsuckers in the last Congress who used the bill to feather their own nests & those of their owners!
There was every reason to believe going in - given the initial successes of Medicare & MedicAid, before we gave them away to any greasy thief that slithered across our southern border - that something good might come of it. If you look north to how Khazar-topheavy the Canadian model for this plan was, red flags were abundant. More were raised by the hue & cry of Papist mysandry everywhere for it, and the Doctors' Union in the smoky back room deals.
More fatcats looking to get fatter piled on through the insurance lobby, and the Obammunist giving his owners in the multinational corporations a pass. When almost everyone who voted for PPACA recently voted to exempt themselves from it, you had no choice but to realize you have been fucked, with no lube to boot - and "Obamacare" doesn't cover ass-aches!
If you read through the text of the bill, the only logical conclusion you can come to is it is a very sanitized approach to the long-desired Khazar-Papist cabal goal of "eliminating the surplus population": Gulags and concentration camps are passé, much better to disguise the genocide of the elderly and poor as "healthcare reform", making it palatable to the dupes. Miss a premium or lose your coverage? Perfect fucking excuse for Der Schtaat to rob you of everything you own! There are no caps or pegs to the general inflation rate for premiums or doctor bills, and as we've seen from handing BanKhazar & Professor Khazakhstein trillion$ via Student Loans, both will certainly rise. It works out great for the Khazars & Papists it is designed to pay. For everyone else, not so much.
Whenever you try to replace God with government, this is precisely what you get!


texlahoma said...

I couldn't agree more, people are finally catching on.
But he still has a 39% approval rating! I wonder if these people can even dress themselves, but maybe adult diapers aren't that hard to put on.
Or maybe the pollsters are calling up people in insane asylums, who knows.

billy pilgrim said...

the pollsters ask:

would you rather vote for obama or get raped by an hiv infected haitian?

tough call.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

I figured he won because he was running uncontested, never considered the senility angle!