Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thankful For You

...Especially so for having been neglected so long and yet abiding faithful.
Now that work is settling down to a gentle roar & I'm catching up on Zs, it is great to think of all you who are regular visitors here, and hope you were able to get together with those most important to you to partake of fun, food & fellowship together. Each individual has a sphere of influence, or are in someone else's, and we get great days like this one to appreciate eachother.
The 1% don't believe they get enough money out of us the rest of the year & are opening early tonight for those who just can't live without a third TV or smart phone, but Galt-in-Da-Box already did his bit for Santa, so if I get out and about at all tomorrow it'll be after the morons have trampled eachother to death in search of that one "40% off!!!" dangling carrot they hope to impress whoever with. Steer clear's my advice!
Hope you've had a terrific Thanksgiving Day, and the rest of this year is a restful time of regeneration as well as celebration!

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texlahoma said...

I was pleasantly surprised that no one in my immediate family fell for it this year, they resisted they hype.