Tuesday, December 3, 2013

"Wealth Disparity" Jingoism

A few facts that missed the final edit of the latest viral propaganda, to which Galt-in-Da-Box must add:
1. Any discussion about "wealth disparity" becomes irrelevant when you realize the worthless Khazakh green toilet paper we're all passing around is nothing but a con job: It is as irrelevant as the standard Papist canard that "Uh-murrica's the richest country on Earth!" Since all that "wealth" is 135% mortgaged to the Rothschilds, why keep bragging about wealth that isn't really ours anymore!?
2. These same morally-relativistic atheistic communists (by which I mean BOTH the Whore of Babylon that sold US into perpetual debt-enslavement and the Synagogue of Satan that owns them & US) are the ones responsible for creating the disparity, and who whine about it the most - working poor are too busy trying to keep the bills paid to worry about it, which - unfortunately - was the intended goal.
3. Wealth disparity/income inequity was relatively 12:1 from CEO to worker in 1913 when Comrade Woodrow Wilson whored US out to BanKhazar & established KikeBancUSA. By 1932, after The Great War experiment to see whether Americans were stupid enough to be sold interventionism, money had already been watered down to where it was 19:1, and varied little until Nixon finalized our divorce from actual monetary value with the petrodollar sellout. By 1986 we were at 36:1, but the American worker still had the advantage of a minimum wage pinned to the inflation rate, thus a greater disparity between himself and any other worker on Earth than with his own company's CEO. That all ended with COBRA! Congress attached this health insurance mandate for employers as a rider to the act, then shoved it down the American Peoples throat by overriding a Presidential veto.
4. The Establishment has a proven record of advancing evil by making it look like something good: Case in point being that in 1964 when minimum wage was still a livable wage at $1.25/hour, money had tangible asset value: Five trade-silver quarters are worth $15 in fiat paper today, a fact not lost on SEIU & Nation Of Islam professional whiners. Another great example would be KHAZAKHtax (PPACA), still erroneously called Obamacare by many today.
5. The moneychangers in charge of our crooked finance system today manipulate value by holding most the world's gold assets: World debt in in the hundreds of trillions, and those government debts can never be discharged because of interest - the amount owed is always larger than the money available to pay it!
6. Notice carefully as you watch the video that no references or sources are cited to back the leftist collectivist assertions.
The entire production is a glittering example of how politics is not about truth, but telling the most comfortable and popular lies to advance your agenda.

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texlahoma said...

Yeah, they've got it all figured out.
Manipulate the idiots, make people work so hard just to make a living that they don't have time to notice who it is that's actually screwing them over,make them think they owe money that they've never even seen and get them dependent on government scraps for survival so they won't bite the hand that feeds them.

"Despite all my rage, I am still just a rat in a cage!"