Sunday, December 22, 2013

Grateful And Expectant

The year drawing to a close brings speculation & observation...
As I sit here enjoying slow-roasted, bacon-wrapped Prime beef & Shiraz - in my warm home as the day cools outside - ever grateful for the solstice past & the days now getting longer, I have to reflect on how much worse my life could have been:
Suppose I had "married the girl of my dreams!" I would be among the charred ruins of the three husbands she has already jacked through divorce and sent packing! What if that fling on the Lake Of The Woods had turned into something more? Then it would be me, not poor Andy Jones, taken for all he had & paying vaginamoney & child-support for 20 years. If I had gotten on with the railroad 20 years ago, "Rails To Trails" & other more practical items capitalizing on the slothfulness & lack of willingness of the Amtrak old-boy-network to grow and innovate would likely have me on unemployment by now. Dare we broach the subject of the religious delusions of my youth? Let's just say I would rather collect trash and scrub shitters the rest of my life than become a televangelist - it's much less glamorous but more honest! To be certain there are many things I would change about my life, but thankfully there's time to do that, they are small things, and those changes are not drastic.
Time marches on, and perspective inevitably alters. Because of the world in which we live, the prospects of many become darker & more narrow. Galt-in-Da-Box has not been so afflicted. With age comes wisdom that lets one realize only one person crosses the finish line first or gets elected president, and most of the time it ain't you or me. There are also more consequences than benefits awaiting them once the fish-hacks write their press clippings & the limelight shuts off. All in all, it's better to have friends you can count on, work you can do and be well rewarded for, goals you can reach and what you judge to be the best in everything than to be Barack Obama or Kim Khazar-douche-ian any freaking day...
And twice on Sunday!

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