Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Big Three

What Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years mean to Galt-in-Da-Box.
Thanksgiving is, as Ayn Rand correctly surmised, The Producers' Holiday. A time to take stock and focus on Who and what made possible the year's success and prosperity and complete preparations to award them generously. Christmas is when we share of our abundance to bless those we care about. New Years we cast our hope and believing forward to the opportunity to prepare for doing so again.
Some demand we attach an entirely unaffiliated religious significance of one kind or other. Others insist any such expression should be suppressed. At CFN Headquarters we don't stand on ceremony or political correctness. We honor and observe these occasions as celebration of individual achievement, because the same common affliction of the extremes indicated earlier is collectivism, which is for the ignorant...the willfully ignorant in many cases: Spiritualists ignore the basing of their rationale on the individual efforts of Jesus Christ. Socialists ignore their clinging to Karl Marx's coattail.
We don't succeed or fail as collectives, we succeed or fail as individuals.

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texlahoma said...

Once again I agree with you.

I hope you have a great 2014.