Sunday, January 12, 2014

New Years Dump

January is the month when a not-so-young-anymore femin$tazi's fancy turns to thoughts of divorce.
One divorce lawyer told Galt-in-Da-Box that the numbers are now up to around 85% of the proceedings being initiated by women. If you haven't been matrimonially pink-slipped yet, chances are great the paperwork is on it's way. According to Tom Leykis, divorces are expensive because they are worth it. I subscribe to the opine that the best way to avoid that expense is to not get married to begin with, but for those of you seated in the "Too Fuckin' Late!" section of that ballpark (already made that mistake and been suffering eversince) your options are limited. If you have kids, God help you!
Why do they wait til the holidays are over to lower the boom? Psychological damage would be my guess. Bitches LOVE drama: The lies to the attourney, the waterworks during the hearing, and if you think you had to put up with false accusations during your wedded bliss, that's shit next to what will be served up in court. If you are barely above poverty line, one successful strategy I've seen employed was Dude finally cashing in on his health problems and getting SSI - back and mind both going, according to Doc Wellpayedenstein. Ignoble victory yes, but any port in a storm: You can't get blood out of a turnip. That got him out of paying VAGINAmoney; I would have queried my attourney about a countersuit for psychological duress.
Most guys don't have the faintest idea how much damage a deeply-IN-BED-ed bitch can do once she goes off.

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