Monday, February 10, 2014

Confronting Thieves & Robbers

Ever notice the siren songs sung for amnesty sound much like the favorite copouts of thieves & robbers?
Notice how the crowd is almost exclusively femin$tazi? That's not a coincidence! They squirt out the anchor babies & live off "dee greengos" thoughtlessly via welfare...then demand more handouts.
Tell you what, PCs (Papist Communists): Pack your effeminate, child-molesting spiritualism & the socialism it breeds back up your asses where it came from.
Get with the program by going through the system like white people have to, or go the fuck home.
Your choice!

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Bob said...


If this was their "homeland", they would be speaking Apache, or Hopi, or Cheyenne. or some other Native American language.

Beyond that, if Mexico was their homeland they would be speaking Mayan, or Aztec, or some other native Central American language.

Today's "Mexicans" are a collection of mixed half-breeds, a "race" no more than four or five centuries old.

They have no true traditions or heritage of their own, only those adopted -or stole - from the races their forefathers slaughtered.

What the hell are they so proud of?