Saturday, February 15, 2014

Gee, Ya Think

Galt-in-Da-Box never would have guessed after 
five years of Jewsmedia fellation of Comrade-0
that the leftists idolized Communism.
Whodathunkit from NBC's puff piece on Russian
Bolshevism, or the perpetual glorification thereof
at the one-worlder-fest of the Olympics?
The fairly recent hopping-on by the effeminate 
"enLIEtened" of the religious community (RC for
short) is similarly unpredictable only to the 
braindead: If altruism is the highest ideal - if you
are no good, except as your usefulness to others 
dictates (the foundation of ALL forms of collect-
ivism) - then it makes perfect sense to put in 
place a system of institutionalized coercion to 
force people into the unnatural, abnormal role of
providing something for nothing.
Remember that, as more and more JEW-Agers &
other mystics of spirit push the vaginal, feminizing,
earth-bitch-worshipping BULLSHIT papered 
over thinly with Bible verses, to advance US 
"progressive"ly toward replacing hundreds of 
"greedy, profiteering multinational corporations"
with one, heavily-militarized, ever-drone-bombing,
evermore corrupt one.

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