Thursday, February 20, 2014

Happily Single, Reason # 1,857,456

Monday, I woke up to find I had no water.
The last bill from City Utilities informed me of a $5 credit balance with a petition NOT to pay, and the weather had seen temperature north of freezing for two days straight, after six weeks of sub-zero so to say the least I was puzzled. Factoring in the morning chill, I called the landlord & asked what contingencies were available if my pipes had frozen, then CU to find there were no main breaks in my vacinity. To make a long story short - and keep it relatively cussword-free - a day and a half of borrowed heaters, cancelled appointments, wasted electricity, infuriating lack of planning at work & three and a half wasted hours of my landlord's time and effort brought us around to the dinglebrained femin$tazi ditz in the lower flat upfront having shut off the water main to my apartment. I put on my Most Polites, accepted her laughing-jackass apology in stride, and comforted myself that atleast the ordeal was at an end!
On further reflection, I can't help thinking married men have to put up with this kind of bullshit EVERY DAY, remembering countless similar incidents I both witnessed and heard recounted, and most the time when I have to deal with them, the meter is running and there's atleast an hourly wage involved, or overtime (sorry, can't expand on that further) ;)