Sunday, February 16, 2014

Margin For Error

The older you get, the more important it is...especially if you believe you are "set for life", as the obsolete expression goes.

"I'M EMBARRASSED to beg for money, I'm embarrassed to beg for food. I never, ever in my life thought this would happen to me," says formerly middle-class John Ruths, face-to-face with the New America.

John grew up in a nice home. His father a regional VP for Wonder Bread, his mother a registered nurse and teacher. The family "lived very comfortably" in Norristown, he went to private schools, John says, as we sit at the home desk from which he's pitched hundreds of job applications over the past year of his unemployment."

We could, as the Establishment tabloid we quoted this from, go off on a rant against those who haven't been in power for half a decade & resort to that fave, generic whipping boy of the JEWSmedia "corporations". Instead, Galt-in-Da-Box prefers to take a step further back & propose this question to the visiting reader: What's your Plan B?
We now live in a freefall age some call "the New Normal", where more people everyday are being made painfully aware that there is no such animal as "security"; that the false promise of the guaranteed existence is just another Establishment bullshit story and that too many have been banking on retirement plans and or family fallbacks that were pipedream assumptions.
I found out through the false brethren of progressive religion that my idea of compassion may not be the same as others. Whatever you believe is going to "be there for you", unless you have worked for it and already have it on hand, you better think again, ahead, and have another idea ready to go that ONLY YOU know about.
How about the fool who "wants a girl just like the girl that married dear old dad"? I used to be such a sucker! I must have wasted a dozen years looking for such a religious fairytale before figuring out the only "helping hand"/help meet for me was going to be at the end of both my arms! Whether it's the "conservative" CULTure-mongering version of religion or the more current modern "progressive" deceit of government/politician worship, collectivism is bullshit.
Other than God, there is one thing you can rely on to get you from where you are to where you want to be, and that's YOU - your mind, and your ability to think, plan & execute. You are in this business of life for yourself...You have to be by necessity, because your ability to help anyone else depends foremost on your ability to help yourself first! The fruited plain is littered with the human debris of those who run on emotionalism, never plan or think, and proceed - based on memories of used-to-be or fairytales of wannabe - to wrap themselves up in more responsibility than they can handle. Shack-ups, teenage pregnancies, unwed mothers & all other forms of welfare careerism are no worse nor different than those who had excellent resources and spent them as soon as they got them on foolishness - as the link above shows.
It is never too late to start building your personal Margin For Error, laying a Plan B, and thus insulating yourself from the idiocy & maliciousness around you on every hand!

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