Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The "77c/$1" Myth...

...She busts:


The Khazar-Papist cabal is DESPERATE to 
set the stage for HITLERy with constant weak-
ness-promoting snivel about wage disparity & 
tomboys, but does rhetoric equal reality? 
In Galt-in-Da-Box's experience, women and other
"minorities" can get away with working only 
when they "FEEEEEEL" like it, but guys are 
fucked. The first white guy I knew that tried it 
overplayed his hand on FMLA and got fired. 
The second one is on the down-and-out 
pattern at work, milking the paid-time-off 
calendar for everything it's worth for the second
consecutive year with the accuracy & expert-
ise only a union labor background can pro-
vide...and whining perpetually about how he 
never gets any raises, bonuses or OT...care-
fully evading the reality that you have to work
40 hours in a week before OT becomes avail-
able. Another reality this fellow - and the wail-
ing femin$tazi and "minorities" of similar non-
work ethic - ignore at their peril, is that bagel-
munching Bolshevik bean-counters love profit 
MUCH MORE than people, and are always 
looking for a new back into which to sink that
"Budget Axe".
The issue is MATURITY, not Gender!
If the only reason you have a job is to con paid 
time off/other gimmes/freebees out of every-
one, then you refuse to count that as "the 
missing 23c", it's not society's fault or responsibility
that YOU are fucking lazy & stupid:
The Solution is to work your full week, and put
as much effort into the job as you put into whin-
ing for more favoritism and privilege.

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texlahoma said...

"It's because I'm white and a male isn't it?"
"Help me Hillary!"
"Help me Obama!"
"Make them pay me more!"

Women in their 20s without children out-earn men by as much as $1.08 to every dollar, according to some estimates. It must also be true that white men are discriminated against in favor of Asian-American men, who earn over 5 percent more than white men.