Thursday, March 6, 2014

Everything Is Beautiful?

What if Thomas Jefferson's "equality" assertion doesn't mean what the Khazar-Papist cabal has twisterpreted it to mean?
Case in point: I have a friend who was basically forced to leave an abusive home at 16 and is now a multimillionaire. I have another who was "pushed out of the nest" at 18 and died a drug addict in his 30s. If the "logic" of the empty-headed, emotionalist/spiritualists is sound, both these guys should have ended up somewhere near the top of the pyramid! I really wanted to believe the fairytale that life is a volleyball or soccer game where nobody keeps score and all that matters is that everybody "tried real hard" but every day I am presented with irrefutable evidence this is a great, steaming pile of bullshit! If you take care of your business, pay your bills on time, and actually work at the job you have, you are miles ahead of half the population! If you are living the dream you had as a child of being an engineer, teacher, owning your own business &c, even more so. There are smart people and stupid people. There are diligent people and lazy people. There are good people and bad people. They all came into & will leave this life the same way, but that is the only thing they have in common, and all the "FEEEEEEL"ing-based FOOLosophy in the world - all the kings horses and all the kings men - will never change the fact that some people do, while most don't, then whine about the lack of results.
So, are you a winner, or a whiner?

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