Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Repairs, Not IPads

Is YOUR local Papistocracy's pubic screwool STUPIDintendent This CORRUPT and Dumb?


Apple, Microsoft & other companies GIVE 
AWAY and Sell at cost their product for
education, but we all know how "one hand 
washes the other" in the wonderful world of 
the Khazar-Papist cabal. Pork-barrel politics 
is how those $700 hammers & $1000 toilet 
seats find their way Into your Federal, State 
& Local budgets. Somebody knows some-
body to get something "wholesale" at ten 
times retail, but then there's the femin$tazi 
emo-bullshit angle...
You can bet your left nut that somewhere 
up the food chain, a dumb, blond, ski-ramp
nosed, oy-veying oligarch came up with this 
idea because having a tablet will make the 
students "FEEEEEEL" better, so they won't 
mind the crumbling walls, busted toilets, 
broken windows, no heat in the winter and 
greaser gangs slashing people and
dealing dope.

1 comment:

texlahoma said...

Yep, the insanity continues, once they get their greedy little hands on the tax payers money it's
"Screw you Jack, we'll do with it as we please, no matter how screwed up our priorities are!"