Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sorry, Mr. Greenwood

I'm just not proud to be an American anymore, this being the latest reason to float to the pop culture toilet water surface.

First off, only weak-minded, ignorant people base their self-esteem on what others say or do. Second, success is determined by goal, and an individual's determination to reach it. Third, this is yet Another attempt by arrogant, impudent Khazar femin$tazi to distract the public from the fact they are what they are, and will continue to be that until THEY alter their fucked-up attitudes, no matter what words other people use or do not use. If you don't like being perceived as bossy, maybe not being bossy would be a good, first step in the direction of changing that:
Keep your damned ski-ramp nose in your own business and stop trying to dictate what others can say.

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