Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Alternate To Religion

It's cropped up in several places on the News Feeds this morning: Evidence of interest and curiosity as to what "Easter" is all about.
Not being an in depth scholar of Sumerian mythology, I cannot expound on the meaning of the term itself, only direct you toward what it is SUPPOSED to be about in our day and time. You do not need the fear-mongering & egotism of religion, but only to invest some time reading the Bible & connecting the dots. You might well say, as I did in my youth, "Why NOT go to religion? Surely 'the experts' know more about this!?" but in this particular field, an "expert" is someone you can count on to be right where it doesn't matter and wrong where it does.
You learn about this The Way you learn about anything else:
1. Study (Observe & use Common Sense)
2. Learn the Facts
3. Have the intestinal fortitude to Believe the Fruits of your Research
You may find some pointers that will help here:



Bob said...

Interesting post.

Being primarily an agnostic by nature, but still quite interested in the phenomenon of modern religion, I have indeed read the bible, both the Old Testament and the New.

My conclusions are that the bible, particularly the O.T., is a fairly accurate history of a very vicious, unethical and amoral group of people, who used the excuse that "god told us to" to justify abhorrent acts of invasion, occupation, mass murder and genocide.

These people realized they could not continue the practice of killing every man, woman, and child they thought inferior. They realized that continued bloody invasion and occupation of lands and farms they coveted would result in the eventual retaliation and elimination of their own tribes.

So - in a stoke of genius - they created a new religion designed to control and subjugate the "inferior" masses, even inventing for them a savior, who - because of his superior qualities - just had to be one of them(an obvious flaw in their thinking), later having to kill him off when his teachings started becoming a real threat.

They then scripted the New Testament, tailoring all the contents therein to guarantee the success of their dominion and control. A religion of "peace"... and capitulation. No more mass murder and genocide... just control and enslavement.

It appears to have worked pretty well. They have taken political control over many nations, their resources and money, and are using the military of these nations to fight their battles.

The Arabs, eternal enemies to these people, have succeeded with the same tactic with their own invented religion, stealing a lot of ideas from the bible along the way, but adding far more obvious and direst control of the masses.

This has worked quite well also, and may one day win the field.

Those of us who have no dog in this race need to step aside and let these two peoples have at it, but not allow ourselves to be destroyed in the process.

Pass the popcorn. It ain't over yet.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Interesting, thought-provoking, and fairly accurate.
Only a small sliver of those who claim a heritage to the Old Testament Hebrews actually are, and the fakes (the ones who made up Vaticanism) want them dead, too.
As to the religion of peace and capitulation"", the same could be said of Buddhism.

texlahoma said...

No matter who's religion or lack there of is "right", I keep getting slapped in the face with the fact that we are on a planet that has everything we need. We could make it a paradise.