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Cancer Scam Timeline

If you have read any of "The French Connection", timeline of the Roth$child family, you already know who and what the Rockefellers are.
Here's a bit more about them you may NOT know:

""1901 – Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research Opens . Based out of New York, this became one of the most “richly endowed” research centers. By 1928, John D. Rockefeller had given it $65 million in endowment funds.

1910 – Flexner Report Published, Establishes New Standards For Medical Education. This was funded by the Rockefeller’s and Carnegie Foundation, evaluated medical schools and restructured American medical education. It set up a new standard so that schools could only be accredited if they showed an emphasis in drug based research and treatment. 

1913 – Rockefeller Foundation Establishes the International Health Commission. This laid the foundation for how health and science research and development were to be conducted. Many of today’s health institutions were modeled on this commission’s practices, policies, and research processes such as the UN’s World Health Organization, the U.S. Government’s National Science Foundation, and the National Institute of Health.

1918 – Public Health Becomes Rockefeller Foundation’s Top Priority
“The Foundation identifies public health education as one of its principal areas of interest, and builds and endows the first school of public health at Johns Hopkins University.”

1921 – Rockefeller Foundation Contributes $357 million to Medical Schools globally. A great invest to ensure the drug-based approach for the most prominent schools around the world.

1922 – Dr. Royal Raymond Rife Begins Cancer Research
In the 1920s, Dr. Rife – a brilliant bacteriologist and former student of John Hopkins University – began researching an alternative cancer cure.

1924 – Morris Fishbein Becomes Primary Editor of JAMA
As head of the Journal of the American Medical Association Morris Fishbein, became one of the most powerful men in medicine during the time. He transformed the industry into a money-making machine. He was one of the key figures to suppress Dr. Royal Rife’s research on cancer.

1924 – Harry Hoxsey Founds First Cancer Clinic in Taylorville, Illinois
Harry Hoxsey offers a natural herbal formula to cure cancer that thousands claim to have worked. This is the first of 17 clinics to eventually open.

1926 – JAMA Publishes First Tirade Against Hoxsey
The article scares doctors and researchers from being associated with Hoxsey.

1927 – John D. Rockefeller Jr. Gave the First of his Annual $60,000 Contribution to Memorial (Sloan-Kettering) Cancer Center

1932 – Dr. Rife Develops Cancer Cure Dr. Rife developed a machine that could neutralize disease-causing micro-organisms, including cancer cells, with the use of frequencies. 

1932 - Director of Rockefeller Institute, Dr. Thomas Rivers, Denies Success of Rife Cancer Treatment

1934 - Rife’s Treatment Cures 16 Terminally Ill Cancer Patients 
In 1934 at the Scripps Institute in La Jolla, Southern California, Rife conducted clinical trials on 16 terminally ill cancer patients, and successfully cured all of them. A team of medical specialists – including Dr. Milbank Johnson, Chairman of the Special Medical Research Committee of USC; George Fischer of the NY Children’s Hospital; and Dr. Wayland Morrison, the chief medical officer of the Santa Fe Railway – confirmed the findings. 

1938 – The AMA Indicts Rife for Fraudulent Medical Practices

1939 – Philip Hoyland Files Suit Against Royal Rife’s Company, the Beam Ray Corporation. Philip Hoyland admitted to accepting a $10,000 bribe from Hahn Realty Group (AMA Agents) to sue the Beam Ray Corporation.

1939 – New Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Opens – John D. Rockefeller donated the land and provided $3 million of funding

1940s – Rife’s Work Is Destroyed & Continues to be Suppressed

1949 – Hoxsey Sues JAMA and Editors for Libel and Slander – Hoxsey Wins

1949 – Morris Fishbein is Ousted from AMA

1956 – FDA Issues Public Warning About Hoxsey Cancer Treatment

1960 – Hoxsey Method Banned in U.S. by the FDA

1960 – Laurance Rockefeller Serves as Chairman of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York from 1960-1982. This center is one of the most influential cancer centers in the world. During WWII it performed some of the first experiments applying chemical warfare weapons to the “treatment of cancer”, which evolved into chemotherapy.

1963 – Bio-Medical (Hoxsey) Center Opens in Tijuana, Mexico
It continues to operate and claims an 80% success rate.

1971 – President Nixon Declares a “War on Cancer” and signs $1.6 billion law. 

1977 – Sloan-Kettering Rejects Laetrile (derived from Apricot Kernels) as Effective Cancer Treatment. This is despite positive results from Sloan-Kettering’s own famous researcher, Kanematsu Suguira. In November of 1977 Dr. Ralph Moss, Assistant Director of public affairs at Sloan-Kettering, held a press-conference about the success and potential of laetrile, despite the centers desire to cover it up. Ralph Moss was fired the next day for “failing to carry out the most basic job responsibilities.”

1991 – Rockefeller Foundation Helps Start Children’s Vaccine Initiative
The Foundation joins with the United Nations Development Programme, UNICEF, WHO and the World Bank to form the Children’s Vaccine Initiative (CVI).

2010 – More Than Half a Million Americans Die of Cancer 

Edward Griffin Explains how/why they gained control of the medical schools, the American Medical Association and the pharmaceutical industry.

(You will have to log in to your YouTube account or create one)

With all these facts its easy to understand why Obamacare is being imposed onto the people and how Obamacare is the most blatant example to date of how the government is on board with the globalists to destroy Americans health and sovereignty. If they wanted to promote the peoples health they would look at the history of pharmacology and food industries who are littered with corruption, and government has always been involved in that corruption.""

Hat-tip to Jeff Chiacheri for having the courage to publish this on FaceBook.
Obammunism & Obamacare - as we have already discovered - are all about more massive cash advances on the taxpayers' credit card and handing the cash to old-money filthy-rich Khazar$.

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